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Vehicular Matters

Head-On Collision Reconstruction
• Which Vehicle crossed the centerline?
• What were the speeds and paths prior to and after impact?
• Were there any Vehicle Code violations?
• Which witness account is most plausible?
• Were the seat belts used and if so, did they function properly?
• Were there any mechanical defects that may have contributed?
• Is the police report accurate?

Vehicular Mechanical Failures
• Did the brakes fail as claimed by the driver?
• If so, why did they fail?

Vehicle Fires
A witness says he saw a fire in a car which had been previously damaged by a fire blamed on an un-fused radio circuit. The fire spread quickly, destroying the carport and other cars.
• What is the fire's cause and origin?
• Could it be due to improper repair or is there evidence of arson?